Humor: Your Secret Management Tool

Humor is an innate part of what makes us human, and successful leaders recognize and deal with the whole person. In business, unlike in comedy, humor is a means to an end—not an end unto itself. This lecture will get you to think consciously about humor as a technique to help you be more effective at work, while at the same time creating a more rewarding working environment. We’ll discuss using humor to Make a Point, Enhance Creativity, Ease Stress or Tension, Diffuse Embarrassing Situations, Foster Teamwork, Build Relationships, and Build Morale. We’ll discuss types of humor (anecdotes, analogy, one-liners) as well as learn the techniques used to create humor (e.g., exaggeration, contradiction, play on words). Finally, we’ll touch on the hazards/risks of humor in the workplace. [Related workshops: Creating Comedy, Creating Comedy for Public Speaking]