Philosophy: A Guide to Action in Business

The issues we deal with at work and in our daily lives are not just matters of policy or morality—they are at their core matters of philosophy. Each of us, whether we know it or not, has a philosophy. For some, it’s a conscious, consistent system that guides our decisions and actions. For others, it’s a hodgepodge of beliefs drawn from our past. Having a philosophy is important in a way similar to having an architecture for your home. This lecture will 1) briefly introduce the basic branches of philosophy, 2) discuss how to create an integrated philosophical system, and 3) using practical examples show how to break down issues and questions into their philosophical components, so you can analyze them, decide what you believe about them, and integrate them into your personal philosophy.



"Very thought-provoking." Madeline Weiss, Program Director, SIM Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Forum & President, Weiss Associates, Inc.