Keep Them On The Edge of Their Seats: Using Creative Non-Fiction Techniques to Make Compelling Presentations

Remember the last page-turning, couldn’t-put-it-down novel you read (Da Vinci Code, perhaps)? The dramatic scenes, life-like characters, realistic dialog and rich detail grabbed you from the first page and held you to the very end. Your speeches can have that kind of effect on an audience, if you use the techniques and literary devices of fiction. Many of today’s best non-fiction writers--Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, Gay Talese and John McPhee—use the tools of fiction to write what is commonly called “creative non-fiction.” For them, creative non-fiction is an engaging and entertaining way to convey not just information, but understanding. This lecture will explain and give examples of the techniques of creative non-fiction, which can be readily adapted to bring color, drama and life to your speeches.


"I've been teaching for 35 years, but Jim's 'Creative Non-fiction Techniques to Make Compelling Presentations’ gave me a fresh approach for presentation design.” - Blake Ives, Director, IS Research Center, University of Houston