Re “Trump Effect: More Women Running for office in N.J.” (Sunday, October 8, 2017, p.1):

The Record needs to explain why its reporters continue to ignore third-party and independent candidates in it coverage of the November election. The most recent example is the article on Sunday. In reporting on the 39th legislative district, it mentions the Senate candidates from the two old parties, yet pointedly fails to mention that there is a third candidate—Jim Tosone, the Libertarian Party candidate.

Given that 45% of the registered voters in the district are Unaffiliated, this is a disservice to your readers. Dissatisfaction with the two old parties is at an all-time high. Voters are clamoring more and better choices. Yet they will never learn about those choices as long as your reporters continue to act as a mouthpiece for the Democrats and Republicans. The millions of dollars in free publicity they receive from your paper under the label of “reporting” could be reasonably considered in-kind contributions to their campaigns.

The polls ignore third party and independent candidates, as do many debate commissions. I’m asking you to embrace diversity and inclusion in elections, and end the wall of silence that gives the impression that voters have only two choices in November.